Saints in Healthcare

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Saints in Healthcare

In the build up to our 2017 annual CMA youth conference entitled 'Catholics in Healthcare: Extraordinary Lives, Extraordinary Saints' we asked young Catholics to write short posts for the CMA's Facebook page about their favourite saints in healthcare. The first post went up on 18th September 2016, but the lives of the saints remain a timeless example to us. 

(Please note, we have included saints who are inspirational to us as young Catholics in healthcare and relevant to healthcare but were not primarily 'in' healthcare as such, eg St Joseph.)

2 Jan

St Basil the Great

Patron Saint of Hospital Administrators

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4 Jan

St Elizabeth Ann Seton

Patron Saint of Widows

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3 Feb

St Blaise

Patron Saint of Those With Illness of the Throat

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10 Feb

St Scholastica

Patron Saint of Those Who Experience Convulsions

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8 March

St John of God

Patron Saint of Hospitals, Nurses, the Dying and the Mentally Ill

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15 March

St Louise de Marillac

Patron Saint Social Workers and the Sick

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20 March

St Joseph

Patron Saint of a 'Happy' Death

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11 April

St Gemma Galgani

Patron Saint of Pharmacists

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28 April

St Gianna Beretta Molla

Patron Saint of Mothers,Physicians and Unborn Children

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1 May

St Peregrine

Patron Saint of Cancer Patients

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10 May

St Damien of Molokai

Patron Saint of Leprosy Sufferers

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30 Aug

St Jeanne Jugan

Foundress of the Little Sisters of the Poor

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18 Sept

St Joseph of Cupertino

Patron Saint of those with Learning Disabilities 

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27 Sept

St Vincent de Paul

Patron Saint of Hospitals and Charities

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11 Oct

St Maria Soledad

Foundress of the Handmaids of Mary

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16 Oct

St Gerard Majella

Patron Saint of Childbirth, Expectant Mothers and Unborn Children

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18 Oct

St Luke

Patron Saint of Doctors

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16 Nov

St Giuseppe Moscati

Doctor, Scientist, Professor

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28 Nov

St Catherine Laboure

Patron Saint of the Elderly

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13 Dec

St Lucy

Patron Saint of the Blind

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26 Dec

St Stephen

Patron Saint of Those Who Experience Headaches

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