​The Catholic Medical Association's Youth Branch

What is the CMA?

The Catholic Medical Association (CMA) was founded in 1911 as the Guild of Ss Cosmas and Damien. (Find out more about Ss Cosmas and Damien here.). At that time it was a fraternal guild for Catholic medical doctors. It later changed its name to the Guild of Catholic Doctors, and then a few years ago chose to admit all Catholics in healthcare to better reflect the modern multidisciplinary healthcare team. As the contemporary culture has changed, so has the CMA.

The CMA's Committee for the New Evangelization

In the summer of 2016 the CMA agreed to the foundation of a new committee called the ‘Committee for the New Evangelization’. This committee was made up of young Catholics in healthcare with the aim of supporting other young Catholics in healthcare through prayer, friendship and Catholic catechesis. We believe there is an urgent need to provide this support to Catholics in healthcare to help them to keep the Faith. In 2019 we changed our name to the Catholic Medical Association's youth branch.

The CMA's youth branch supports young Catholics in healthcare through prayer, friendship and catechesis.

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We have been inspired by Bishop Philip Egan, who courageously preaches the radical Good News of the Gospel with great clarity. Indeed the committee originally took its name from Bishop Philip Egan’s emphasis on John Paul II’s call for a ‘New Evangelization’. Bishop Egan has said this New Evangelization “must be street-wise, media-savvy, critically aware of the culture we live in. Contemporary culture is less a text-based, book culture, more a visual culture of image, art, style, design.” We have embraced these wise words such that the CMA Facebook page, which the youth branch run, as well as our conferences reflect this realisation.

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Each of our very successful conferences for young professionals (doctors, nurses, midwives etc) have built on the previous ones and receive very positive feedback.

What we do

The CMA's youth branch supports young Catholics in healthcare (18-35):

We hold one conference and one retreat per year: in the summer we hold a youth conference for juniors and students of the healthcare professions and in the spring we hold a youth retreat for young (18-35) Catholics.

Future Projects

Future activities and events include new prayer cards, two booklets (one on conscience and one on the Catholic saints in healthcare), an instagram page and an annual Requiem Mass.

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